Main CharactersEdit

  • Jessie Prescott (Debby Ryan) is a fun-loving and friendly 19 year old Texan! She has big dreams for New York and is determined to see them all come true.
  • Emma Ross (Peyton List) is the fashionista of the Ross family and a very motivated young girl. She strives to do her best in everything she does!
  • Luke Ross (Cameron Boyce) is a hysterical troublemaker who loves causing mischief at the Ross home. He loves to dance and charm the ladies in his life.
  • Ravi Ross (Karan Brar) is originally from India before being adopted by the Ross family. He is eager to learn American culture.
  • Zuri Ross (Skai Jackson) is the most loving and imaginative girl you will ever meet! She loves her siblings but also enjoys causing a little mischief.